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Smartly Done Starter Kit

Check out the pre-built styles you can choose from - combinations of different color combinations, fonts, header configurations, etc. And for more real-world examples, check out our finished projects!

Explorer the components available to build your website. Components are the building blocks of your pages.

Most of the content on this demo site is Lorum Ipsum - or placeholder text. Don't worry about what the content says, just pay attention to the various ways it can be presented.

Page Components

Check out the different features for styling your pages. Each component is unique and can be configured differently depending on your needs. 

Please keep in mind that all text within the demo components is filler text and that we would make sure your website doesn't contain any Lorem Ispum prior to launching. 

What's With All These Cookie Notices?

Wondering why so many websites display these cookie notices? Find out.

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